Tasteful Inn in a Gorge

In the Akita hot spring paradise, the quality of the hot spring itself will overwhelm you. Five kinds of bathtubs are arranged in a good layout in a large bathhouse. One of the baths is unique, 130 cm deep, for taking a bath while standing. The temperature of the baths differ, and you can enjoy a long bath while "bathtub crawling".

Exterior of Taka-no-yu Hot Spring Open-air bath with a roof

There are two roofed open-air baths for mixed bathing and for ladies. Both are situated in the best locations where you can view clear streams and mountains. However, the open-air bath along the river is even better. When quietly soaking in the bath in the season of fresh green, autumnal leaves or snowflakes, you can feel yourself uniting with nature, and that your mind and body are quite satisfied.

Roofed open air-bath for ladies
Large bathhouse with five kinds of bath tubs

The landlord is friendly and talkative, and is the mood maker of the inn. The dishes have designs of the seasons, and are tasty.

Riverside open-air bath
Guest room on the second floor
with a fine view

[Medicinal benefit]
Neuralgia, rheumatism, skin diseases, etc.

[Taka-no-yu Hot Spring]

Akinomiya, Ogachi-machi, Ogachi-gun, Akita 019-0321
Tel: 0183-56-2141 Fax: 0183-56-2143
Charge: 11,000 yen-15,000 yen (with two meals)

Take the JR Yamagata Shinkansen and change to the JR Ou Line at Shinjo Station, or take the JR Akita Shinkansen and change to the JR Ou Line at Omagari Station, and then go to Yokobori Station. From this station, take a bus to Akinomiya Sanso. Get off the bus at Akinomiya Onsen after about a 40 minute drive.