A Quiet, Refined Hotel with Dignity
The Akinomiya area was officially recognized as a health resort by the Akita clan in the Edo period (1603-1868). The vast Japanese garden of Inazumi Hot Spring was made with devotion by the former landlord, known as a man of refined tastes. The front and back yards are beautified by flowers and trees, and 11 ponds are arranged among them. The guests greatly enjoy the water lilies and the wild azalea seasons.
Western-style building named
"Ukigumo (drifting cloud)"
Entrance, Inazumi Hot Spring
The buildings, half in-sight and half out-sight in a grove, make you feel that you are in a summer resort. Many artists, literary men, actors and members of the Imperial Family have visited Inazumi Hot Spring as guests.
Splendid large bath
Open-air bath commanding
a clear stream
A gorgeous large bath is made with granite and ceiling of hinoki cypress. You can look down on the Arayu-gawa River from the open-air bath. There are five additional baths, such as for ladies and families.
After getting warmed by the hot spring, take a stroll in the garden or appreciate the works of art exhibited in the passage inside the hotel. The Western-style building and the detached building are designed by the famed architect, Seiichi Shirai.
Guest room of a detached building  
[Medicinal benefit]
Neuralgia, bruises, poor circulation, etc.

[Inazumi Hot Spring]
Akinomiya, Ogachi-machi, Ogachi-gun, Akita
019-0321 Tel: 0183-56-2131 Fax: 0183-56-2134
Charge: 12,000 yen-25,000 yen (with two meals)


Take the JR Yamagata Shinkansen and change to the JR Ou Line at Shinjo Station, or take the JR Akita Shinkansen and change to the JR Ou Line at Omagari Station, and then go to Yokobori Station. From this station, take a bus to Akinomiya Sanso. Get off the bus at Akinomiya Onsen after about a 40 minute drive.