Hot Spring Waterfall Pours into the Basin
I will introduce a unique hot spring. In the desolate area called "Kawarage Jigoku (hell)", there is a waterfall where a hot spring serves as a waterfall and is poured on the basin. It is 2 km from the leading hot spring in Southern Akita, Doro-yu Hot Spring to the west. A near 100 degrees centigrade spring gushed from the riverside is mixed with the river water, becomes the river of hot water and pours from the height of 20 m. It is quite a magnificent view. The waterfall divided into two and forms the two basins of the waterfall, serving as the nice bathtub.
From around the end of June to the middle of September, the temperature of hot spring is around 40 degrees centigrade, and is suitable for bathing. There are no accommodations. Please use Doro-yu Hot Spring, etc.
Panoramic view
of Kawarage Oyu-taki

Waterfall basins used as bathtub

Kawarage Jigoku

Jizo, guardian-deity-of-children,
image deified in Kawarage

[Medicinal benefit]
Athlete's foot, eczema, skin disease, eye disease, etc.
Takamatsu Yujirizawa, Yuzawa-shi, Akita 019-0404

Take a bus to Doro-yu Onsen from the JR Ou Line Yuzawa Station and get off the bus at the terminal after an 80 minute drive. Walk about 50 minutes. By car, go to Kawarage Jigoku via Doro-yu Onsen, and from there walk about 30 minutes.

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